Hipster Disruption: friend or foe

As I scour the internet for inspirational sites, creations, & companies I am realizing that “hipster” companies are not as innovative as they lead you to believe. Even though I am glad that small businesses are continuing to be created, they tend to make more wake than necessary in a calm market. An industry where I […]

Dinh Nguyensson – 2013 Swedish Aeropress Champion

Dinh is an exchange student from Paris studying medicine at Karolinska. You might know him as the 2013 Swedish Aeropress Champion. Dinh’s journey into Speciality Coffee started just last year as a regular customer at DROP Coffee. Johan, a barista at DROP introduced Dinh to the Aeropress. Intrigued by the coffee culture of Scandanvaiva, and […]

Tasting Sweetness

I had the opportunity to share my love of coffee with my friends a couple of months ago. I invited several people over to cup three different coffees.   During this tasting we rated them on their: aroma, taste, body, acidity, & finish. The three coffees that I showcased where: an Ethiopian from Drop Coffee […]