Dear Stroymen Extra: Gravity

This is my response to The Storymen Extra podcast episode discussing the movie Gravity, featuring Aaron Krutzmann. Please listen to the episode for context as well as enjoyment. THE PODCAST DOES CONTAIN SPOILERS BUT MY RESPONSE DOES NOT. SO GO SEE GRAVITY FIRST, (IN IMAX) THEN LISTEN TO THE PODCAST, READ MY RESPONSE & THEN COMMENT ALONG! […]

An Unlikely Short Film

So back in the day I used to make lil movies with my friends. These movies were made solely to get our friends to laugh. Everyone once and a while I would click through my YouTube channel to relive those memories. But alas, those film making days where behind me. Or so I thought . […]


The following post is from a friend of mine, Will. Enjoy. Since the first ancient civilization passed down campfire tales and relayed their history through the oral tradition, stories have been a part of every culture. One of the most basic storylines in any medium, whether it be spoken, written or displayed onscreen is the story […]