A Daily Juxtaposition

We live in this juxtaposition of pace of life. We are encouraged to slow down, to take it all in, to rest and reflect, to be in the moment. Yet, the pace of life sweeps us up, pushes us further, consumes us in the chaos, moves us faster than ever thought possible.


A Baby

I had the opportunity to hold a baby last night. Her name is Riley. She is a month old. I have never held such a fragile thing in my life. With difficulty, I held her head in place as she slept. So fragile. My God chose to enter the world in the exact same way. […]


The thought, “Know the shoulders upon which you stand,” comes to mind after viewing the movie “Luther.” Other than a denomination being named after him I knew nothing of him. Martin Luther was a man who wrestled with his faith, literally. Through out his life fits of rage would overcome him when he prayed. He dared […]