Hipster Disruption: friend or foe

As I scour the internet for inspirational sites, creations, & companies I am realizing that “hipster” companies are not as innovative as they lead you to believe. Even though I am glad that small businesses are continuing to be created, they tend to make more wake than necessary in a calm market. An industry where I […]

A Little

It all started with Weezie’s tweet. I then realized that this WAS my last basketball game as a student. As the refrain of the Tennessee Waltz filled my ears my heart sunk a little. I work the basketball games so the score doesn’t matter to me, not even having Maze, Chism, and Prince perform their last […]

More Than Just Facebook and Email (A Series)

The internet is more then just Facebook and Email. It is an ever evolving place of content and knowledge. It is meant to be consumed, explained, and adapted upon. My dabble into the world wide web has led me places and taught me many of things about the world as well as myself. I have had […]