wise or unwise

The trivia team left as the bar emptied, leaving me and a buddy sitting at a table for eight. I haven’t seen this friend for a couple of months, but more importantly I haven’t sat with this friend to catch up on life, in over a year. I was tired, but I was there. It felt good.

We started with the standards, “How you doing?” and “How’s work?” Those quickly stemmed into deeper conversations, like convos with good friends often do.

“I’m beginning to see that life is less about living a life of right versus wrong. Life is more about living wise or unwise.” shared my friend. “Now, don’t get me wrong, there are definite wrongs in the world, but I’m talking about the career choices you make, the friend choices, the social schedule choices. There are wise ones and unwise ones. We are given the freedom & responsibility to choose.” he concluded.

I liked this reflection on life. It made sense. It was scary & appealing all at the same time. It freed  me from the legalistic thought that was engrained in me. Yet as it sunk in, it sobered me. I am the master of my own domain. What I choose to do is my own. And now, as a young adult, I find that intimidating. But as I’ve made wise decisions & have ridden out unwise decisions I see that both are okay. (One is more preferred then the other, but both are okay.) I can live through both.

This convo with my friend was timely. I’ve found myself asking if I am living rightly or wrongly? Am I doing what I am supposed to be doing? Now, I see that I’m supposed to be doing whatever I choose to do. And that is relieving.

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