a groom’s moment

[Last week I had the privilege to be apart of a best friend’s wedding. The following is a moment that I will never forget. Congratulations Amanda & Tyler! I love you both.]

A man in a suit stands, adjusting his cuffs. A man of confidence and control. But today he is far from being in control.
It’s his wedding day. And he’s about to see his bride. His hands shake, his heart pounds, his mind races.
Months of waiting have lead to this day. The whirlwind has ceased, all is calm.

He panics. He paces back and forth, throws his shoulders, shakes out his shakes. Through prayer he quiets. Instead of fleeing he stays with his emotions. Excitement, joy, fear, all whelm within him. Fleeting they may be but this groom decides to bask in them.

“Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh”

This verse clings to the forefront of this groom’s mind. Reflecting on his own family. How they’ve raised him, what they’ve taught him, and now send him off to start his own. Sorrow fills him.

He ascends the stairs. To gaze upon his bride for the first time. And in due time dwell with her. On the stairs he’s suspended in time. Fighting off panic, yet allowing it to take him. Walking away from his family yet running to his wife. Mourning the conclusion of one chapter yet celebrating the next.

Taking the last step, he arrives.

At the beginning.


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