Robot of Sherwood – Doctor Who Explained

[This post is of a series: Doctor Who Explained. It’s the fourth installment. Read the prior one’s here!]

“If you had a time machine where would you go & who would you meet?” It’s a classic imaginative question. Time periods, or specific events might have been suggested but most of the time, people are mentioned. Famous people.Clara & Robin Hood

Doctor Who plays with this every once in a while. Either the Doctor treats his companion to a treat of meeting Shakespeare or He gives them the choice to visit who they want. Agatha Christy, Picasso, Churchill & Dickens have all been visited and its a been a joy to tag along.

[This next bit will make the most sense if you have watched the third episode of Season 8. Entitled: Robot in Sherwood. Go watch it on Hulu Plus or Amazon Prime, I’ll wait for ya! SPOILERS!]

Within this episode, the Doctor gives the reins over to Clara, to go wherever she wants to go, meet whoever she wants. Her answer takes a turn to the bizarre as she requests to visit the fictitious charter, Robin Hood. To prove that he doesn’t exist the Doctor takes her to that time and is promptly met by the guardian of Sherwood forrest!

The Doctor is thrown into confusion while Clara is loving every minute of it. The Doctor turns on his detective skills, trying to get to the bottom of why Robin Hood actually exists. In his pursuit for the truth the Doctor acts peculiar, he’s starving for attention, bickering with Robin Hood the whole episode. It’s atypical of the Doctor. Through the dialogue between the three, childish charm dominates their speech & actions. So much so that Clara & the Doctor begin to realize that they speak in rhyme & rhythm.

Ironically, a spaceship has taken over the Sherwood township, fueling the legend of Robin Hood to this comical state. It is unclear if Sherwood is real or only a projection. As we prance through this fairy tale it is revealed that a race of robots are using the Sheriff of Nottingham for their own selfish gain. They desire to repair their ship so that they can reach the Promise Land, an actual planet. Swashbuckling and witty dialogue ensue. The story frolics to a happy ending where the Doctor, Clara, & Robin Hood defeat the robots and they live happily ever after.

As custom to historical figures that the Doctor encounters, Robin asks him one question, “Is it true, that I’ll be forgotten as a man but remembered as a legend?”
And as the Doctor explains as much as he knows, Robin challenges Him. Robin awards the Doctor with the title of Legend. The Doctor can’t fathom such an endearing title.

Once again, just as the Doctor helps another being find their way, his question of “Am I a good man?” gains another layer of complexity.So far, the answers have been:

  • you’re different
  • you’re a good Dalek
  • you’re a legend

But! We have answered a question we’ve been asking, “What is Paradise?” It’s a planet! And apparently, everyone wants to go there. But questions still remain:

  1. Who is Missy?
  2. What’s the Doctor’s catch phrase?
  3. Did Sherwood actually exist?
  4. Why must every hero reject endearment and posses a dark side?

With foggy thinking, we push farther into the adventures of the Doctor and his companion.

Let me know what you thought of this episode. What questions do you have that are left unanswered? And what parts of the Doctor do you wish to know more about?


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