To Younger Me – Patrick Teasdale

This is the final installment of six of a blog series about, ”What would I tell my younger self? What advice would you give, yourself?”

Dear Patrick,

Monsters DO roam the street at night. 
Your Dad IS the strongest man in the world. 
Santa Claus DOES exist. 
Skyscrapers ARE built out of Legos.
Army training with your best friends DOES saves lives
How to survive in the woods DOES come in handy.
Time capsules DO communicate with aliens. 
Submarines DO explore new worlds underwater. 
Robots DO rule with humans in the future. 
Flying cars DO exist.
Vacation on Mars IS hot.

A day will come when you will debate on wether or not to unfriend your imagination. Or more specifically, you will try to tone it down by giving it limits. Do not. I repeat, DO NOT do it. Your imagination is the most unique thing about you. You, your friends, your family, & even God will delight in what comes about in the friendship you have with your imagination. Hang out with it, chat often, dream big together, find ways to express what y’all come up with, then show off & don’t look back. Because the world will try to separate y’all, it will promise you gimmicks of fulfillment. Don’t fall for them. You & your imagination will create worlds in which you will even surprise of how lucky you are to have a friendship like this. Trust me. 

Sincerely Patrick

P.S. – Time Travel IS awesome.

Be sure to read the rest of the To Younger Me series. Thank you to all my blogging friends that contributed. But now, I beg the question. What advice would you give, your younger self?


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