To Younger Me – Aaron Kretzmann

This is the first installment of six of a blog series about, ”What would I tell my younger self? What advice would you give, yourself?” Aaron Kretzmann is a good buddy of mine and fellow technology enthusiast.  Here is the little chat he had with himself.

Hey Aaron,

First off, don’t get MySpace… That was a dumb idea. However, when
Facebook comes out, jump all over that, including buying stock for it!
Second, dump your girlfriend. I don’t know who you are dating, but it
doesn’t work out (sorry, I wish I could tell you who your future wifey
is, I’m still looking!) and you need to really learn how to just be
friends and respect someone for who they are.  Lastly, just have fun!
Go out and have a good time, and really make the most of the moment
while you are in school. You don’t know everything, there is a lot you
have to learn, and you are only going to learn it by having fun!

Now, I know what you are thinking, that was short, and pretty lame!
You want to know why? Because you have a pretty good life, and you
will continue to be blessed. I could go on to tell you to play
baseball all four years in high school because it is a lot of fun, and
you actually aren’t that bad at it (also, if you went out for baseball
your freshmen year, you could have broken the record for most Varsity
letters at your high school). I could tell you to not stay up too late
on July 23rd, 2004 so you don’t fall asleep at the wheel and total
your first car. I could also tell you to return the move from
Hollywood Video after the Giants game on August 7th, 2004 so you don’t
total dad’s truck (also, you get to see Barry Bonds 756th homerun!
Pretty cool!).  Lastly, I could tell you reading is cool, start
reading now! However, I don’t want to. Like I said, you are truly
blessed to have parents that love you, who tell you they love you, you
have awesome brothers who will eventually treat you great as soon as
you learn to not be annoying, you have a great church family of people
who support you more than you can fathom right now but you will

Also, I don’t want you to change a single thing. By dating the wrong
girls, you have taught me everything not to do in a relationship. By
not playing baseball, you didn’t think about playing sports in college
which God used as a plan to bring you closer to Him, which may not
sound fun right now but it is the greatest joy you will ever have. I
can truly say I have no regrets in my life, yes I made mistakes, but
don’t worry, you will learn from them and become a better man.
Ultimately, it is our mistakes that show us that we need a Savior!
Praise to the Lord that He reveals Himself to us in this way. Tell mom
and dad you love them and have a couple deep conversations with them!
They are amazing people!


Older you.

Aaron Kretzmann is a friend, sound genius, & blogger at Follow him on Twitter: @Pretzelmann.


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