Ender’s Game – book & movie

EndersGameEnder’s Game is a book & a movie.

I read the book a couple of months ago after several people recommended it to me on several occasions. As foretold, I loved the book. Yes, it is Sci-Fi but that wasn’t what sucked me in. It was the concept, the plot thought.

What if people were bred to be commanders of our military? What if those people never where able to experience growing up through the innocence of childhood? What if they fought as children & teenagers in war? What if they fought against an enemy that is incomprehensible to the human mind?

Ender faces those questions. Some of them he gets to explore & answer himself. And some are left to the reader to comprehend & answer. To me it was a enjoyable read. Quick yet memorable. What a good story is supposed to be.

It was so quick that it fueled me to want to go see the movie made of it. Orson Scott Card, the author, pushes quickly through the story leaving a lot of details of the setting, location, & sometimes plot to be filled in by the reader. On one hand I enjoy this because the story moves yet on the other hand I dislike it because I want to experience the story through all my senses. I went to see Ender’s Game in the theater to see how Battle School & Command School were depicted. Within both of these places “games” are played against other teams to simulate battles. Zero Gravity flight & fight is taught in Battle School where Intergalactic Warfare is taught in Command School. Both of these schools play huge roles in the forming of Ender’s character & the telling of his story. When I saw these battles take place on the big screen the story was complete.

I will have to say that it is difficult for me to appreciate the differences between book story telling & movie story telling. I love movies and I love books. Yet, I have to continue to teach myself that both are different mediums. So both will tell the same story differently. I do not like that.

With that being said, I was disappointed & surprised by the movie. Disappointed in the lack of Battle School scenes. Surprised how well it built the relationship of the Buggers and Ender (in it’s own unique way.)

I love the book, Ender’s Game. I recommend it to anyone that enjoys Sci-Fi, enjoys ethics, or enjoys a good book. I like the movie, Ender’s Game. I recommend it to anyone that enjoys a good stay-at-home-flick.

Though I am glad that Ender’s story has been told by text & silver screen, I would prefer that the remainder of his story remain in book form. The character of Ender lives best through a book just as the Bugger’s legacy lives best within its own book, The Speaker of the Dead.

What where your thoughts of the book? The movie? Do you enjoy Sci-Fi? Why or why not?


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