Jenny & Tyler

Good music encapsulates two things.

Heart & Intimacy

Heart, meaning that the lyrics, rhythm, and music connects with something deep down inside of us. It’s all too easy to get the mind excited about a beat, sound or (nowadays) a dance. It is a challenge to engage with the heart. I would like to say it is because my heart is selective and has prerequisite for what it chooses but truthfully its the opposite. My hear is a boundless pasture that every sound has trotted through. So when engaging music comes along my heart leaps to it. Clinging to the rawness of the verses, the innocence of the sound & the invitation to stay in this moment forever.

Intimacy, meaning that you have to  be within arms reach of the artist and fan base. People stop being people when they become something bigger then life by amassing so many followers. These are not the artists that create music. Music makers are the ones that mold the everyday into something beautiful & simple. These are the people you naturally become intimate with. Their show is at a house of a friend. Their “stardom” is actually meeting everyone that attended their show & still getting to bed at a decent hour. And their conversation with them is about you, not them. This intimacy bleeds into their music, their interaction with you, and how they relate to you.

This music for me is Jenny & Tyler. A husband & wife that share the joys and struggles of life with you through guitar, madolin, suitcase bass drum, & harmonized vocals. What I especially love about Jenny & Tyler is their honesty. With lyrics about abandonment and the seemingly better choice to withdraw, they give a voice to deep longings that we all experience. They equally take you high with joyful praise. These praises aren’t heaps of empty phrase but praise that is rooted in scripture. That’s what I especially love about them. Their songs tell a story. Ones that are resolved within scripture. It is breathtaking. I had the pleasure to experience Jenny & Tyler in concert. It isn’t an act. They engage the heart and create that intimacy with every song. That are a delight to listen to.

This week they have released their sixth album. For Freedom – A Covers EP. Which is full of songs that they would consider to be “music.” Enjoy it, and be sure to check out their original albums as well.

What makes music for you? Do you agree with my criteria? What are you listening to right now?


One thought on “Jenny & Tyler

  1. I’m excited to listen to this album now! I downloaded it when you tweeted about it on NoiseTrade, but still haven’t had a chance to listen to it. Movies and music have the same criteria for me. I love to like stuff, so you have to tell me why I don’t like it, and the way that happens is by something that doesn’t belong. Music is a form of art, every thing has it’s place and every place has it’s thing. I love the ways that everything flows together, every detail interweaving into the other to create a greater overall piece.

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