Addicted to Coffee

coffee b&wMan I am reeling in pain right now with a head-ache. But to be honest, I rather push through this then settle with the swimming feeling my mind goes through when my head-ache subsides. I have deduced that it has been my lack of coffee that brought upon this pain & suffering.

I admit that I am addicted to Coffee.

My friends will all agree that I was addicted to Coffee way before this point but it is today that I finally admit it. Been denying it, I guess. (A true sign of an addict. ) I have been labeled a lot of things with my coffee drinking/making hobbies. Hipster, Enthusiast, Addict, Geek, Scientist, etc, etc. And I have dismissed a majority of these labels with a loud sip or two of black coffee.

But today I see, no feel, that I’m truly addicted to Coffee. From the beginning of the day my mind was swimming. As I read I could not concentrate well, as I held a serious convo over lunch I fumbled through it, as I introduced myself I staggered through my name. I checked my vitals: sleep – check, breakfast – check, lunch – check, coffee – one cup but check. Only one. Only ONE. ONLY ONE!

It was true, I only had one cup of coffee. It was the reason I was so out of whack. I wanted more. I needed more.

Now you may be asking how much coffee would I normally have ingested in a day. It varies between 3-5 cups a day. So when I only have one my body now feels it. And now my mind believes it. Writing this post has been living proof; as typed the first words I started my second cup of the day & now I feel myself being lifted out of the pool of mindless laps.

So here’s to me being addicted to coffee.

What are you addicted to? Coffee? Diet Coke? Jimmy Johns? Sriracha Sauce? Let us know in the comments.


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