Winter is Coming

darknessEvery radio station reminded you about it, a couple of emails from your church or school did so as well, even the ancient bank marque reminded you. To turn your clock back one hour. Fall back, which means gain an hour of sleep/play on that evening. It was a fun night but now I am not.

For the past couple days I’ve been stumbling through the darkness at 5pm & have been dead tired at 8:45pm. After living in a portion of the world where the fall & winter season host only four to five hours of daylight each day, I have been mentally preparing for the harshness of winter.

But then my friend reminded me that I no longer live in Scandinavia. I can relax. There will be more daylight. Promise.

She’s right! As my body swims through the darkness at dinner time so is my mind. It is trying to adjust & make due. Secretly it curses me for keeping it up past its bedtime. But the blame isn’t on me. Blame is due to this fan-dangle thing called “the time change.”

Come on, who can really change time anyways? . . . Okay besides Doc Brown.


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