Myers Briggs meets Star Wars

I’ve been on several teams through out college & while in ministry. To get along well is key. And to do that, you have to learn about how each other work.

A great tool in doing that is the Myers Briggs Indicator. It is a series of questions that help you classify yourself & others on a matrix of tendencies. Which range from: are you a thinker, do get your most energy while being alone, are you more spontaneous then not, & the list goes on. After the questionnaire you are given a simple four letter code. It is this code that helps you understand how you relate to others, how you make decisions, how you think, & how you get things done.

I’m an INFJ. What this means is a host of things. Some that stick out are: I am more quite & reserved tending to be around a few people instead of a large group. I tend to more abstract then concrete when I think & process. I value personal considerations then objective facts. And having structure to my day is freeing for me.

Now, this may seem all bland & uninviting. When I first learned about this tool, I too disliked it. But now I enjoy it. Hopefully this chart that I found will win you over:

Star Wars Myers Briggs

You might be drawn to your favorite character or the little blurp that best describes you. Read them all & then take this similar test to the Myers Briggs (since it’s trademarked and all.)

Comment your findings & if your agree with your character pairing.

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