Captain Phillips

Captain PhillipsAs the opening credits started, I told myself to enjoy this movie. To turn from critiquing the camera angles & acting. All I desired was to be swept away by the story.

Luckily, it was a story worth telling.

Some might remember Captain Phillips story whenit actually happened back in 2008, but you also get the full story from the trailer. Even knowing how it turned out I went to see this movie because of the actors, the director, & from good words from friends.

Instead of having the feeling of viewing the movie, you feel the movie. It is happening to you. You start the day off with Phillips, getting packed, then being dropped off at the airport, then boarding the ship, then meeting the crew, then setting sail. As I reflect back on it now, it felt natural. How I would go about my day as a captain.

One thing I did appreciate while watching was the “grand tour.” By following Phillips through out his day you where shown all the key locations where the rest of the story would be told. Those including: the bridge, the “pirate cages”,  the engine room, & the lifeboat.

The director did well to tell the story of the pirates just as much as Phillips’. We followed in their footsteps through their day as well. By doing this you see that the pirates as well as Phillips are human. Both trying to live each day, make a living, pay the bills, & love their families. This theme encompasses the whole film. We are given the choice to judge each character and it’s tough to.

As we see how well established Phillips is in authority of his crew we see the opposite of Muse (the lead pirate). As he teeters back and forth from confidence to cowardliness; I relate to him. As Phillips is captured & placed at the mercy of unpredictable circumstances; I relate to him. As Muse tries to do whats best for himself, crew, & life; I relate. As Phillips cries for freedom & to be released of this terror; I relate.

When Phillips was rescued & cried, I cried. When he was treated for shock, I was in shock. When he couldn’t find the words to explain what happened, I couldn’t either.

I was consumed by this story of survival. I was so enthralled by it because it told my survival story. It told the human survival story. We try to go about our lives normally without fuss, yet are captured by the trauma of life, then we beg to be set free of it all, & only by a force beyond ourselves we are.

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