I would say that I’m a YouTube enthusiast. More on what that is & why I would classify myself as one later.

On YouTube there are communities of unique interests that I would never assumed or thought of.

One of those niches of communities is Acappella groups. Now it makes perfect sense to have Acappella groups featured on YouTube due to Glee, The Sing Off, etc, etc.

But what intrigues me more is that these groups & channels are actually becoming performers & legitimately recognized artists. No longer are they the “fun group of kids that sing in the park on a sunny day” but now they are the “group that I will fork over 50 bucks to see in concert.” Crazy!

Pentatonix is a group that has done just that. Their latest video actually coincides with their release of their second album. Enjoy the video & then check them out.

(My favorite part is right at 2:26)

I have enjoyed being subscribed to their content & I hope you will as well.

Do you have any favorite Acappella groups? If so, please share? How about unique communities upon Youtube?


2 thoughts on “Acappella

  1. I’m personally a fan of Straight No Chaser, especially their Christmas stuff. My only qualm with a cappella groups, is that they almost always to covers. Now, I hope Pentatonix eventually gets big enough to where they wont need to do covers and can do some original stuff (I could be wrong about their new album and they could have original stuff). We shall see though!

    1. I’ll have to check out Straight No Chaser. And would agree that original songs should be the goal. Covers are fun but I would like to see them all sing what they have created. Pentatonix latest album is actually a mix.

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