Dear Storymen: Halloween

This is my response to The Storymen podcast episode discussing Halloween, featuring M.S. Corley. Please listen to the episode for context as well as enjoyment.

Holiday history has always intrigued me. I find it interesting how well the first missionaries understood each culture they were apart of. They saw how unstoppable pagan holidays were so instead of trying to implement something totally new they embraced these traditions & spoke God’s love into them. Unfortunately we have distorted these holidays, hijacked them so much that to go back to the original pagan holiday would actually be better. Crazy.

This begs the question, how do we as Christians engage with these now “warped” traditional holidays (Halloween, Easter, Christmas, etc) as well as new “holidays”/cultural celebrations (YOLO mentality, experiential retreats, etc)? How can we appreciate culture again?

To answer Mike’s question, we should go beyond the church walls & engage with Halloween. Our actions speak more when we are the ones that are taking the risk. As we go trick-or-treating or host a neighborhood pit-stop (like Matt’s parents) we surrender our control of how we think Christ will speak to our friends & neighbors. To me that is the scariest thing about Halloween, giving up my control & allowing God to work.

What are your thoughts? How can we engage with culture again? How are we as Christians to interact with these now “warped” Holidays? And what is the scariest thing about Halloween for you?

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