My Blog

A Blog is a personal discussion with short entries arranged in reverse chronological order. A Vlog is a blog of videos.
A Travelog is a blog about travel.
A Mom Blog is a blog discussing family or home life.
A Tumblelog is a blog of mixed media.
A Photoblog is a blog of photos.
And a Nog is blog that has been neglected.

I would classify this blog, my blog:, as a Nog. If you scroll back through my posts you’ll see a few sprinkled here & there. But all of those posts came when a fit-of-creative-rage rained down upon me. So those posts appeared. Yet, nothing more . . . until today.

Today, I admit that I have a blog & I acknowledge that it desires not only my attention but also the attention of readers much like yourself. Throwing all logic out the window, I will write one post a day for this whole month. (Is this deja vu, maybe.)

I desire to restore this nog into my blog.


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