Dear Storymen: Knox McCoy

This is my response to The Storymen podcast episode discussing literally everything, featuring Knox McCoy. Please listen to the episode for context as well as enjoyment.

First off, if Knox lives outside of Chattanooga then we’re neighbors. Howdy Neighbor.

Okay onto the matter at hand:

TV IS hurting the Movie industry.
I agree with Knox that TV is the most fluid medium right now. The range of topics & genre’s that are presented through TV is mind blowing. I can only imagine how thrilling this is for writers & creatives.
But TV will only prevail momentarily.
I had the privilege to hear a couple of movie producers (of Hunger Games, Gangster Squad, Safe House, & World War Z) speak about this topic. They acknowledge that this is the burning question but rest in the ebbs & flows of the entertainment business.

Currently I see that TV has taken risks & is paying out. Movies will soon (have to) loosen the belt & take risks to find that sweet spot. We, the audience, are no longer easily pleased with the traditional summer blockbuster or Christmas Day heart warmer. (The mention of the rise of Indie films via alla carte sites is evidence of this.) Personally, I think that Movies will always prevail. Going to the movies is engrained into my entertainment DNA. It is the experience, the story, & the event itself that will always draw me back. (Gravity is a strong argument for the “experience” side, but more on that later.)

I enjoy that each Storymen podcast usually spans a wide range of topics. I especially enjoyed the discussion of the fear of conflict, that our culture clings to. The idea that fights are bad come from the lives we see & experience. The lives we “see,” via media, the perfect relationships rise to the top. But the lives we “experience,” via living everyday, the broken relationships rise to the top. It is at this intersection of expectations & reality that conflict arise. And all hell breaks loose or we expect it to. My generation has never been taught how to argue. When conflict arises the only outcome we see is physical disagreement, let that be throwing a punch or someone sleeping on the coach. The statement, “agree to disagree” is a puffy statement of old. So as JR teaches and counsels to “fight well,” I would agree & would ask others join me in doing so.

Clay brought up a good question near the end of the podcast asking, “Isn’t conflict resolution good but conflict can just be bad?” I would say that unaddressed conflict is bad. Conflict, as JR defined it, is two people with opposing ideas. These opposing sides can either sharpen each other or destroy each other. And this is where communication comes in, both parties must be willing to talk out what conflict they have with the other. In my eyes, this is an argument & when talked out can become a beautiful thing.

Is fighting a bad thing? Why?
“Isn’t conflict resolution good but conflict can just be bad?
Also, which is better TV or Movie?

Thanks again for another lively discussion.


One thought on “Dear Storymen: Knox McCoy

  1. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had entire post’s worth of comment in my head after listening to the Storymen. It’s fun to see what someone else thinks about an episode.

    To answer your questions, I think tv is winning right now, but I agree with you that it’s just a back and forth kind of thing. That’s typically been the pattern. Ideally these two mediums would stretch and grow each other.

    If we segue that into the conflict question, it should work that way with people as well. Conflict in and of itself isn’t the issue, it’s how we handle the conflict. And perhaps our reasons for instigating the conflict.It would be useful and great if we used it to our advantage to broaden our views – to stretch and grow ourselves. But most often our sole focus in starting or participating in a conflict is to dominate and/or subdue, rather than to understand and be understood.

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