An Unlikely Short Film

So back in the day I used to make lil movies with my friends. These movies were made solely to get our friends to laugh. Everyone once and a while I would click through my YouTube channel to relive those memories. But alas, those film making days where behind me. Or so I thought . . .

Tyler skyped me a couple of months ago. The convo went something like this:

Tyler: Patrick, I signed us up for a film festival. It’s on June 1st, can you make it.

Me: Uh . . . what? I mean, YES! I’ll be there. What are we filming?

Tyler went on to explain the rules & regulations of the Knoxville 24hr Film Festival. We had 24hrs to make a 4-minute film that had to incorporate the four elements that the judges gave us.

This is what we came up with:

Our film was nominated for 5 awards: Best Film, Best Sound Editing, Best Use Of Props, Best Emerging Film Maker, & Best Screenplay.

We took home: Best Emerging Film Maker & Best Screenplay.

Wow, our first ever crack at making a short film & we walked away with awards! It was such a great feeling. The whole team was encouraged by the splash that our film made as well as the reception from the community of film-makers in Knoxville. No longer is this film making a thing of the past. It was a lot of fun to make & it felt good to dust off the ole YouTube channel.

Here is my jovial vlog of post-production:

And here is the the behind the scenes of the whole film:

Be sure to “thumbs up” the films & share with your friends!

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