Growing Up

I remember singing a song in elementary school about not wanting to grow up.

I don’t wanna grow up,
I’m a Toys Я Us kid.
There’s a million toys at Toys Я Us.
That I can play with.

From bikes to trikes to video games
It’s the biggest toy store there is!
I don’t wanna growup, cuz, baby, if I did,
I couldn’t be a Toys Я Us kid!

Whether I like it or not I have officially grown up.

I had this realization while at IKEA. I had a list of things to get: plastic bags, picture frames, etc. But an unplanned purchase surfaced. It caught me dead in my tracks. My shopping list vanished from my mind and the commotion of the store faded to silence. I stood there looking down at an ironing board.

When I was little, I remember my Dad waking me up to get ready for school. I would lounge on my parent’s bed watching my Dad ironing his shirt for the day. The news was on, and a conversation of his and my day plans was being exchanged. Fast forward ten years yet this time it was my shirt for picture day, an internship interview, or a fancy date. Dad still ironing.

Back in IKEA, my mind was torn. A mini Me singing that song jumped onto one shoulder and a mini ironing Dad jumped onto the other. They went back and forth for a bit. Mini Me tried to sing louder and louder eventually standing on his tip toes. Mini Dad just kept ironing away, letting the iron hiss every once in while. Say it’s maturity or say it’s lack of being a Toys Я Us but I purchased the ironing board. The excitement for a new ironing board can only go so far. But I do know that waking up tomorrow with the memory of my mornings with my Dad ironing, I’ll be glad that I have this ironing board.

Here’s to you Dad as well as not wanting to grow up.


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