Aussie Coffee in Stockholm

The walk was longer than expected. My stomach did not like how far it traveled before it was fed. I forgot the address so I was only going on a hunch of location and by looks. I spotted a cafe-looking-front with it’s name etched on the window. T-Something. So I doubled back for a better look. Dagens lunch was offered, like normal. Chemex brewer on a display self, unlike normal. Chopped and stashed barista, also unlike normal. This was the place.

(Now even with the recent craze in mustaches, one should never trust a place/person just because of the choice of facial hair. That is unless it is speciality coffee. If a mustache is involved, good coffee is just around the corner.)

As I browsed the menu I was greeted with the usuals: Cappuccino and Latte, but also the unusual. Piccolo, Long Black, and Flat White. The mustached man, who goes by Bill, was occupied so I was greeted by a big man with a big smile and a big “Hello!” I could tell I was famished when I couldn’t engage in conversation. With his Down Under accent he helped me along with my Order. After a babeled conversation of the best lunch choice, I regained my tongue as I sat down to enjoy some Chili Con Carne. Chili in the winter. Yum. Then the real fun began. Coffee.

I asked Ed, the friendly Islander, if the Flat White on the menu was a true Flat White. The one of legend that I have only read about. He confirmed that it was the one of myth and fables. As I ordered one he explained the difference between it, the cappuccino, and the latte. He shared about his cafe, Tasman, only being open for six weeks and the concept behind it, an Aussie Style Cafe. The Flat White did not dissapoint. Just like Ed said, a stout portion of double shot with a film of foam. Beautiful.

After a few good rings in my cup and a good book, Bill took over my tour through Aussie Coffee Culture. We chatted about the coffee that he had chosen, a new local roaster, Stockholm Roast. We talked about the coffee that he has in his Guest grinder. When pulled it tastes of chocolate then grilled peppers and then spice. He was proud of this unique Ethiopian.

I relinquished my choice of my next drink to him. He crafted a Piccolo for me, A new drink for me. I was intimidated by its size, extremely small, like an oversized double shot. The crema was black as night contrasted with a punch of white, to illustrate a heart. He explained it was 50% espresso and 50% milk. I could practically cut it in half. It was suprisingly smooth. I met the chocolate and searched for the grilled peppers.

My experience at Tasman cafe was enjoyable. From the friendly staff to the exceptional coffee, I am glad to add another quality coffee shoppe to my list.


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