Wear A Jacket

To my name I have a couple of sport jackets, inspired by my browsing of GQ as well as influential movies (Ocean’s 11, Adjustment Bureau, Casino Royal, etc.) From time to time I mustered up enough courage to don a jacket for the everyday life in Tennessee. I enjoyed it but I stuck out like a sore-thumb. I received compliments (which I enjoyed) but they eluded to being “too-dressed-up.” All I was trying to do was wear a jacket.

One of my jackets followed me to Sweden and felt right at home. Here, men wear the sport-jacket for style as well as function. This was the perfect sweet spot for Patrick-Wears-a-Jacket,-Just-Because 2.0. So for a whole week I wore my black sport-coat. I took it as a challenge to make the jacket work each day. I was intimidated by the “dressiness” of it but by the end of the week it felt natural to sport this coat. Not only did I learn how to dress it up but also down. Okay, I did get the compliments of looking good but now they where more inclusive instead of exclusive. It was great because I knew some one in town or on campus would upstage my black jacket.


Look good yet blend.



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