So my favorite food in all the world is fruit. I cannot get enough of it. As a fruit lover I have learned a critical lesson in fruit consumption. The Seasons. There are certain times when certain fruits are more abundant & ripe. Leading to the perfect time for devouring them.

Globalization has played a trick on everyone by providing fruit 365 days without ceasing. But to get the best out of each fruit you have to know the seasons. My mom has helped me (and continues to do so) decode this great mystery. Just the other day she reminded me that Oranges are the best they will ever be right now. For some reason this nugget of wisdom had escaped me. I quickly went to the store to cash in on the citrus season.

By the new year, grapefruits! By spring, strawberries! By summer, watermelon! Then peaches! Then apples! Then kiwi. I can’t wait!


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