Eighteen Days In

I am now eighteen days into growing a beard. As referred to before I am taking November as: No-Shave-November.

This week is when my facial hair has finally made it’s mark. Some People have commented about it. Some people have approached me with a perplexed look, “Something is different about you . . . ah, yes. A beard . . . Hmm,” the perplexity still remaining. Some people have even complemented me on it.

A couple of days I held myself back from trimming the mustache or the over energetic beard hair. But have no fear, it was left unattended.

A pair of my bearded friends gave me some advice. (I will say that these gents are more to me then beards, they are good encouraging brothers. It just so happens that they have beautiful robust beards.) They advised me to let it go. Do not trim. They warned me of the “itchy” stage. They said the beard will get to a length that will drive me mad with it’s itchiness. They said not to give in, just let it itch. And on one faithful day, I will wake and shall itch no more.

That is the day when my beard will be born.

I am venturing into uncharted territory my friends. This is going to be interesting.

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