The thought, “Know the shoulders upon which you stand,” comes to mind after viewing the movie “Luther.” Other than a denomination being named after him I knew nothing of him.

Martin Luther was a man who wrestled with his faith, literally. Through out his life fits of rage would overcome him when he prayed. He dared to ask God questions of honesty and disagree when he felt so. I admit that I have only done that once in my life. Calling, cursing, crying to God.

Who would I be if I wrestled with the Lord, like Luther? To wrestle over holiness and sin, instead of material desires or an equally yoked spouse.  To wrestle yet come back to Christ, time and time again. What would it be like? Who would I be? Where would God show himself in my life? What glory would God receive?

Luther not only wrestled with the holy but also the human. He saw that man had gone astray of Christ.

I have never thought that there was a time when people did not have the Bible in their own language. In Luther’s time this was so. The common man could not read the Latin bible, they depended upon the church for their daily word. So when the church began to preach a prosperity gospel, the common man believed them. Luther saw this wrong and set out to correct it.

He lived to call them back to Christ. To be a man of Christ. He stood before earthly power to remain true to God alone.

Unfortunately, it took a film to teach me the life of Luther. Nevertheless, I came away with a better understanding of Luther but, most of all, a rekindled desire for Christ.


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