Her Lovely Rays

The Scandinavian Sun is a joy to be around. In the winter she is shy, only hanging around for a couple of hours each day. But when she does, boy, is it great!

I thought that I appreciated the Sun as much as I could coming from Tennessee. There she is a completely different gal. She glared down upon me as I scramble from one cooled place to another. At times, I forgot about her. Then every once in a while, she would dip down to show her beauty, then I noticed her, sometimes.

Now, I notice her. I even get sad when she’s gone. I count the days of darkness to the point when she begins to come back more & more each day. (Winter Solstice) Then she starts to come around more often, then practically moves in to stay. Now that is the day I look forward to, the day where the Scandinavian Sun out lasts the dark.

Yet, at the moment she is retreating. So to get the most from my time with her, I regularly step outside and just bask in her lovely rays.

Hej då Scandinavian Sun.


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