Tasting Sweetness

I had the opportunity to share my love of coffee with my friends a couple of months ago. I invited several people over to cup three different coffees.


During this tasting we rated them on their: aroma, taste, body, acidity, & finish. The three coffees that I showcased where: an Ethiopian from Drop Coffee Stockho

lm, an Espresso Blend from Italy, and a Nicaraguan from the Swedish Barrista Champion.

This was a first for everyone that attended as well as for me hosting. As I began to share my knowledge of coffee and the technique of cupping, I received a lot of blank stares. I chuckled. When they saw that I was serious, they jumped in.

Sniffing, shaking, scribbling, & verbal proccessing ensued through the Aroma stage.. It was fun to expose everyone to such a complex hobby. The part I find the most challenging but also the most rewarding is deconstructing the coffee from its aroma & taste. Then reconstructing it by describing it. It is a lot of fun. I brewed all the coffee via Press Pot explaining why and other methods that are available. Then we sipped & slurped to rate the: Taste, Body, Acidity and Finish.

After tasting them we came up with a crowd favorite. I brewed another round of the it, accompanied by traditional Swedish desserts. A proper fika. The Ethiopian was too light for many drinkers but some voiced that they would enjoy it on a warm summer day. The Italian blend was the least favorite, with lack of body. The Nicaraguan was the clear favorite of all, due to the lack of acidity and full chocolate body.

Yes, the questions of, “What do you smell?” or “How is the Finish?” are tough. But as I seek to describe the coffee taste, life begins to spill out. Stories of first time meals or favorite smells come about. Then those spin into family tree histories and jokes from your childhood. Coffee leads to the sweeter thing in life. And I enjoy that.

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