I was born in 1987 into a world of White Snake, the DeLorean, and toy named Rubik’s Cube. But, I cannot say that I remember any of it. What I do remember though are the 90s. A world of boy bands, home computers and a device named the mobile phone.

I remember when I first received my first cell phone. It was a brick phone, two tone screen, without a camera but it could have been a brick of gold, for the way I treasured it.

Now in a world of Justin Bieber, the iPhone and  a school named Hogwarts, the perspective of a time before instant gratification through mobile technology is gone.

Time will no longer be measured in Ages, only now by iPhone models. The children of today will assume that Facebook has always been in existence. The original Star Wars will join the likes of Charlie Chapman’s films. “Dial up” will be struck from the dictionary, as will, “VHS,” and even “brick phone.”

It is not a bleak future that we face. Actually, quite the contrary. The future is a very exciting time.

Yet, what still baffles me is that each new generation will never get to appreciate the fullness of one before. My children will never know how it felt to count down to the Millennium, cherish that brick cellphone, anticipate the invite to Facebook, feel the impact of 9/11/01 , elect our first black president, or even hum along to the tone of dial up. But I want them to appreciate it.

Honestly, I would like for everyone to enjoy the full picture of life, not just the one they live here & now.

So, for the what is to come in the next few years. Slow down and appreciate it.


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