Dental Lesson Learned

“Gar-A Firm-gah One-ah” I said.

“What was that?” she clarified.

“I brush with a firm toothbrush, why do you ask?”

“Because, I can tell by your teeth.” she said as she gave me the saliva-sucker tool.

The tool rang with a QUUUUUUUUUU and ended with a POP!

“What is your favorite car, Patrick?” she asked.

“An Aston Martin DBS . . . the James Bond car.” I replied.

“Okay, so imagine that Bond car in your driveway.”

“Awesome” I muttered.

“And you are about to wash it.”

“Okay, I’m following.” I said as my eyes closed, dreaming it through.

A gun metal gray Aston is sitting in the drive, top up, engine still hot after a cruise through town. Bucket of soap suds sitting next to it. I plunge my hand in to grab the . . .

“Now, you take a swab of steel wool and begin to rub it down.”

My eyes flare open as I shoot up from the reclined dental chair.

“WHAT! NO!” I exclaimed.

“Haha, well that is exactly what you are doing to your pearly whites!” she responded.

“Oh, okay. I get it. Steel wool to an Aston or teeth is never good.”

“Now how about brushing with a softer brush?” she asked.

“Yeah, just like cotton a rag on an Aston Martin.” I agreed as I slipped back to my Aston in the drive.

“Just like that that. Now how about flossing?”

“OH NO!” I yelled as the Aston crashed into a power line pole.


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