Pedaling The Oldies

Everything I do now has a playlist. Workout, chill, road trip, cooking, partying, fishing, napping, etc. But, one playlist has eluded me. Until now.

The time in need of a playlist is my commute back home on the bike. Now, this isn’t your typical five o’clock bumper to bumper commute. This one is usually past 10pm through the deserted city center, through the city park, winding through a wooded trail, up a hump of a hill, and coast down to the doorstep. The tricky thing is the tempo, of the ride and corresponding soundtrack.

House Techno music doesn’t work (unlike in the morning) because when I show up at the destination I am wide awake, jacked up on heavy beats. Mumford & Sons, doesn’t work as well, foot pounding melodies keep me up more then I thought. Carly Rae Jepson’s poppy melodies are a bit too lovesick too late. The Civil Wars lead straight to sawing logs. This is good if I am home but when you are traveling upon two wheels; not good.

The solution: Oldies.

Oldies are the correct balance of melody to get me home but not too much music to keep me up. If at all, they sing me to sleep. Buddy Holly with That Will Be The Day. Van Morrison with Gloria. Johnny Cash with One Piece at a Time. Muddy Waters with Mannish Boy. Eric Clapton with Lay Down Sally. And list continues to build.

Speaking of, it’s about that time. I got, “Pedaling the Oldies” playlist cued up. Now off to bed after a short ride.

Let me know which song you would add to this playlist.

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