Abe and the Undead

I have never been a fan of vampires. I am a zombie type of a guy. I prefer rotting flesh instead of pale, brain feast instead of blood thirst. My affection for one side of this undead duel is a common topic within pop culture. Interest has turned into obsession and Hollywood has found their sweet spot.

Zombies and vampires have battled back and forth for ages: Night of the Living Dead vs. Draccula, Dawn of the Dead vs. Interview of a Vampire, Shaun vs. Buffy, etc. And the war wages on with a historical tale.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

Now before you begin to judge my movie viewing taste, I did initially think it was a joke. I couldn’t believe that this movie was actually showing. I placed it on my “rental only” list. So on a lazy Saturday, Abraham Lincoln went on a hunting on my computer screen.

I expected absurdity, but actually got far from it (until the end.) Tim Burton did a great job bringing the past alive. From the first scene a tone of action and creditable suspense is established. Fueled by vengeance Lincoln moves through life as vampire hunter. His life is ruled by solidarity and only the next mission. But as any young bachelor would deny, he found social trouble to get into. A women as well as a desire to right the wrong in the world interrupts his initial calling.

I am taken back how well the true story of Lincoln and now this new story line are interwoven. From personal life, to presidency, to the Civil War are rewritten to reflect this undead passion. The explanation of how Vampires came to be as well as the inter-workings of their world is intriguing.

Character development and suspense are a strong reason the movie stays within the believable realm. The acting is done well, especially from Lincoln’s wife, showcasing the emotional struggle that she went through. The use of aging makeup also adds to the film. Lincoln ripes with age in this film, just as I imagined he would from history books.

I was sold on the film until the last eighth. A climactic action scene finally pushed the envelope to far. The resolution brings it all back to a heroic tale of character and perseverance.I was surprised how much I enjoyed this movie. Yes, it takes the story of one of our greatest presidents and gives him the excuse to let a few heads roll. But, that is why it such an enjoyable flick.

Am I vampire covert? Heck no! But the process of redeeming the species from Twilight has begun. So, recall the Gettysburg address , stack up some pennies, and the enjoy the latest chapter of good ole honest Abe.

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