Listen To A Hymn

At six o’clock in the morning when I did not have the words to think, let alone pray, I listened to a hymn. Like the first rain after a scorched summer, my body felt restored. The voice of Patrick faded away being replaced by simple melodies carrying poetic truths. As the lyrics wondered through God’s love, human nature, and the mystery of Christ my heart came alive.

Music has not always been this way for me. Since I first believed in Jesus Christ, I have used worship music as my everyday soundtrack. WhenI needed some music to fill the silence, I turned on the latest worship album or remixed hymn. Studying, cooking, car travel, hosting friends; you name it, worship was on. This made sense  at the time but the more I played those songs of worthy truth & grace the more they became noise. Lyrics that once stirred my heart or challenged my mind, no longer did. Melodies that flooded my body with excitement or filled me ears with joy, no longer did. So I stopped.

I cut back because I missed the emotions that came from worshiping through song. Not knowing how to restore them back to their rightful place I looked elsewhere. I first tried to expand my music library, diversification for a means of restoration. It didn’t hit the spot. So I took a big step back or so I thought. I started to listening to classical music, voluntarily.

In the past, if classical music came on, I listened to it more out of a, “eat your vegetables” mentality. During my musical pilgrimage, I turned on Mozart because I needed to concentrate. Smooth yet lively. Expressive yet without lyrics. It was a slow process but I learned to appreciate the voiceless music. I got into a groove, anytime I needed music, classical was the go-to (old habits die hard.)

It worked! Well, not to well for partying hosting but anytime I need some background tunes, classical comes to the rescue. By listening to the Three Bs has restored my faith in other genres. Rock n’ Roll, foot-pounding folk, and even Punk Rock sound good again. But by far, songs of worship came back to life  the most. Prayers to God, His promises to me, as well as songs of praise fell on new ears and a tender heart.

Through classical music, I discovered the voice of God again. So when I don’t have the words to think (or just too many of them) I listen to a hymn.


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