Move Over No-Shave

The month of November has come to be celebrated by not shaving facial hair.

Or so I thought.

The lack of the razor is now accompanied by blog posting.

Enter National Blog Posting Month or NaBloPoMo for short.

Honestly, when I first saw NaBloPoMo as a hashtag I thought it was some sort of disease. After further investigation I found that it was not a life threatening medical condition. NaBloPoMo serves as a rallying cry to post blogs. That’s it.

So, for the newbies this month serves as a proper launch into the blogosphere. For the veterans this month serves as a marathon of sorts; set your pace, post, and at all cost finish strong. And for the part-timer this month serves as a perfect time to come out of retirement, dust of the url & post.

As I explored further, a sense of excitement welled up within me. Comparable to jumping off the high dive, I am ready to post.

So, welcome to my blog. Follow along daily as I post about my life in Sweden, faith, coffee, story telling, videos, musings, people I met, culture, movie thoughts, and even some guest posts.

One post down, twenty-nine to go . . .


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