“Leading from my strengths & sharping my weaknesses,” has been a common phrase on my lips as of recently. I am still baffled by how long I have wallowed in my weaknesses & felt ashamed of my strengths.

It took a good while for me to locate my strengths (with plenty of help from friends) but once I did, I gained positive perspective on my life! I learned that these strengths were a gift, & if I did not exercise my right to use them I was in essence throwing they back to the Giver. For me to be a complete man, I must lead out of my strengths.

Sharping my weaknesses doesn’t make much sense. Rephrased: “of what I am weak in, I need to sharpen.” So take, compassion. I am weak in compassion for others in need, ie, the homeless, orphaned children, etc. Yet, I am gifted in the creative process. So, if I stay creative, I will be more compassionate and/or will have the opportunities to be compassionate. I know it sounds crazy but it works. Trust me.

Now, start the process, go find out your strengths & use them!


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