Today’s Soldiers?

If I could sum up the Hunger Game books each with one word they would be as follows: The Hunger Games: Survival, Catching Fire: Love, MockingJay: Medicated. The final book follows Katniss in & out of injury, in & out of dreams, in & out of nightmares, in & out of hallucinations, in & out of depression. Katniss Everdeen was a solider in this futurist war of revolution. But how about today’s soldiers, do they do through these same “ins & outs?” Honestly, I was fed up with Katniss going into her final suicide depression at the end of the book. But if soldiers today feel the same after their latest tour, I am horrified. I want to ask a million questions; to the solider, to the commanding officer that placed him in that position. What are the true costs of sending a solider into battle?  How can I help these soldiers recover to full health? Yes, I know we don’t have TrackerJackers on the battle field but I am sure that there is already something worse.


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