I Wanted A Hero

So I will admit that I was caught up in the Pop Culture sensation of The Hunger Games. Just like with Harry Potter, I spoke openly about how ridiculous the books were but finally broke down & read them. I cannot say that I was glad I did. After Mockingjay, the third book, I was restless. I didn’t know how to handle what was said. Other readers have found this lull as well, aptly named The Hunger Game Depression. This depression usually consists of how much the reader misses Katniss, Peeta, or even Gale. Or how mad the reader is about Katniss being with Peeta & not Gale. Or how confused the reader is about what they should do with their free time now. (Luckily for the later, there is a movie!) But my depression is beyond the love triangle fiasco and movie deal. It is a deeper seeded issue. I wanted a hero. I expected Katniss to be that hero but as as you read you find that Katniss is too selfish to be one. I have been raised in with in a “hero society;” where the main character goes in, overcomes adversity, might lose something/someone in the process, but still comes out victorious in the end. Katniss does not come out victorious in the end, only confused. I also come away confused. I don’t know how to handle the lack of fulfillment of what Katniss could have become, or even Peeta. Suzanne Collins has written a book that introduces a new type of main-character idea that I cannot handle. But to the younger generation (its intended target audience) it makes better sense. They no longer expect the main character to be the hero or follow that method. They accept the outcome & gossip about the love triangle. I desired more from the story.


One thought on “I Wanted A Hero

  1. Very well said! In my opinion it is the best post- modern novel out there. Conversations with students today make a little more sense in light if the worldview of the books. Though I agree I like hero novels much better!

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