RockStars’ Backyard

Credit to Dear Coffee I Love You

My mind has been blown. It no loner exists. The case of such destruction is once again: coffee. This time it wasn’t a new cafe or a new brew but more so, the place in which I live now.

I currently reside in Sweden, a country that is known for Volvo & IKEA yet commonly gets confused with Switzerland. Sweden is surrounded by the remaining Nordic Countries of Norway, Finland, Denmark, & Iceland, that all have a rich history of coffee. I did not know this. I have heard from many Swedes that they consume the most amount of coffee, 2nd only to Finland. Interesting. But what struck me as “mind blowing” is that the best baristas & specialty coffee roasters come from these Nordic countries.

I am in the Coffee Rockstars’ backyard! Literally I am surrounded by Barista World Champions. I have also discovered that world renown coffee shoppes are few and far between but several are clustered here in Scandinavia! If you google “European Coffee Tours” you find Stockholm, Oslo, & Helsinki at the top of the lists. Now you can see why my mind is blown. I plan to knock on these Coffee Rockstars’ doors. Forget the autograph, I want a cup of joe!


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