Dear Scott

Dear Scott,

I am sorry that I didn’t say, “good-bye.” The moment I heard that you where sick at home, I wanted to be by your side. We all miss you down here Scott. We are cherishing every minute we lived with you. As I think over the time you spent on this earth you always looked toward Christ. So, I want to ask you.

How was it when you first saw the face of your Lord and Savior? Was it better then the warmth of the autumn sun in Knoxville? Was it louder then the roar of 100,000 of your closest friends in Neyland? Was it beyond the joy of laughter that a Disney Classic would bring you? I can only imagine, only imagine.

Regardless, I am glad that you are there with Him. You don’t deserve it. But Christ saw you and he wept for you. Boy, does he love you. Scott. He loves you so much that he died for you. Ha, what am I saying, you know the rest! Scott, He arose so that you could also! I praise Him for that.

Scott, you lived the resurrected life well. Even through the cancer you lived it well. Sure, it slowed you down but it never touched your heart. The same heart that Christ gave you because of his love for you. You love because he loves. You serve because he serves. You live because he lives.

Man, it hurts that you had to leave this earth so soon. But nothing can be taken from you now. I am glad you are finally home, fully partaking in the grace that your Heavenly Father has freely given you.

I miss you dearly, Scotty G. But, I look forward to the day that I can see you in the midst of our Savior, Jesus Christ.


~Your Brother



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