#1 Fan

Dear Coffee Shoppe,

I am your number one fan. I have been a fan of you since the beginning, none of this bandwagon stuff. I actively protest against corporate coffee, always going the extra mile to find you or your friends. And when I do, I have my own travel mug. (High-five for Going Green!) I love your locally roasted, ground on the spot, brewed just then coffee, and of course, always enjoyed black. Just so you know I always browse the “Local Happenings” bulletin board and “Free Guitar Lessons” & “Wedding Photographer” business cards. Tell those people to keep up the good work. With my cup of Joe in hand I find a place to enjoy it, oh but never “camp out,” I hate those people too. I always prefer the worn out antique grandma chair that came from the local church yard sale. (Fist-bump for Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!) I read all the old magazines that you’ve left around, my favorite is the Nat Geo from the 80s that has the Girl with the colorful eyes on the front, you know the one. After a few sips of my java goodness I peruse the local art that adorns your bare brick walls. You have such talented local artists! It is awesome to know that at least you give them an outlet to express themselves. Then off to my most favorite place in the Shoppe, the Give-One, Take-One bookshelf! I read over every title, marveling at all the wonderful books that are up for grabs, I mean, exchange. (Chest-Bump for that Old Book smell !) Of course I always forget my extra copy of The Road to exchange for another book, so maybe next time. (Human-Wave for Repeating Customers!) I eventually make my way back to the bar & ask the barista for their Coffee Story. I love to hear how coffee enters into the life of so many people & how it changes their taste buds forever! (Jumbo-Tron Proposal for Coffee Revolution!) I just wanted to say thanks for all that you are and will be. You have touched my life & you inspire me to live day after day. Stay true to those Arabica roots!


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