I have come to realize that scarves are the most neglected piece of clothing. Coming from a southern state, I did not have an appreciation for the thick cloth wrapped around the neck. From the beginning of my life I saw scarves in only two ways. The first being: Fashion. I saw them on the manikins in the mall and have always laughed at them. To myself, I thought that only super-models would wear them if they happened to find themselves in Antarctica. And the second being: Mom’s emergency planning. The only time that I would even wear a scarf would be against my will when my Mom pulled it out because the outside temp was below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. I would struggle as she wrapped the itchy thing around my neck complaining that I was choking. But, now living in a much northern climate I am not only aware of them but have a great appreciation for them.

Now I see them in two new ways. The first being: Protection. Living above 50 degrees latitude you are under constant attack from Jack Frost. He was well behaved this year and got a new toy for Christmas, “Ice Daggers.” I can speak from experience that meeting Jack and his new weapon are not fun, (especially when on a bike.) Scarves are the shield from these “daggers,” no longer does your mouth freeze shut or (heaven forbid) your beard become an icicle hotel. And the second being: Pride. Anywhere in the world, besides the States, there exists this wonderful sport called: Futbol. (Okay, Yes, the States are working on it.) Every country, city, and town has their own club which unites the residents. For anyone to express their own pride in their team, they sport the futbol scarf. They usually are of the old school knit design to show off the club’s crest and name. Not only do they display the pride of the team but they can be functional. As I found out at a sub-zero futbol match in Barcelona!

To me, scarves have come a long way. No longer do I look at them as unnecessary fashion choking hazards but I see them as prideful shields from the dreadful cold. So bundle up my friends!


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