So I just ordered a Kindle eReader from Amazon. I have had this eReader on my Amazon wishlist for the past couple months, the only reason I have an Amazon wishlist is for eBooks, so it makes the most sense to have an eReader to read them on. (But Amazon has plenty of Apps to read on, for every device, check them out, I highly recommend them all.)

A friend asked me if I thought that eBooks would be the extinction of printed books? I answered, “No.”  I originally thought that in my life time I would see eBooks become the only way to read books. I thought that books could only exist in one form. I thought they had to fight to the death and eBooks would win with a tweet worthy left hook. But, now I understand that eBooks could actually live in conjunction with print books, possibly even share a cup of sugar if need be. My change of heart is due to my interaction with other human beings. As much as we like to live to the extreme & enjoy technology, we do value tradition. Print books have such a head start that no matter how fast eBooks can copy printed books or create new content, they lack history and with that, momentum.
A telling sign of the progress of eBooks is the readers of Wired magazine. Wired talks about everything tech. It is one of the most pioneering and informative magazines that I have read. Wired reports that 20% of its readers use the wireless version (available on iPad and other tablets.) Honestly, I was surprised. I thought that out of any community, Wired would have at least 95% of its subscribers reading it via assorted technology.

Honestly, I see a marriage of both forms. People will still go to the newsstand and pick up the hard copy, read it, then tweet about what they thought or link the article to their Google+ page. It will start with print and then end up on the web. I no longer look in expectation for the obituary of the printed book, I now look for the engagement announcement!


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