Uppsala’s Best Friend

So I have been in Uppsala for a couple of weeks & I have been struck by one thing, culture. Each country is different & with each country comes culture: one’s tradition & way of life. Walking the streets of Uppsala I am immersed in a new way of life. The differences from the States to Sweden are immense; the language, the spirituality, the currency, the food, the student life, & the most striking of them all: the dogs.

Yes, that is correct, the dogs. I have seen more dogs here in Uppsala then in my hometown. To be honest I have never seen this many different breeds all in one city. In the States there exists about four different breeds of dog: the Dachshund, the Chihuahua, the Labrador, & the Pug. These are the common dogs for the common family in America. Now, in Uppsala there is not a specific dog bread, I can’t even give you the top four because every time I go out I see a new one!

The dogs breeds that I have seen thus far are as follows: Irish Setter, Saint Bernard, Bull Terrier, Chihuahua, Field Spaniel, Finnish Lapphund, German Spaniel, Mountain View Cur, Norwegian Elkhound, Old Danish Pointer, Standard Schnauzer, and it goes on & on!

I have found out that there are certain laws to owning a dog in Sweden. The most intriguing is that your dog must be walked every four hours, it is not allowed to be shut-in for the day or while you go on holiday. This is probably why I have seen so many dogs in my short amount of time I have been here.

What ever the case for me seeing so many dogs & different breeds each time, I am happily amazed by the Swedes & their culture through man’s best friend.


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