Just As Mary

“The Jesus Storybook Bible” has been on my night stand for past couple months. Every once in awhile I’ll wind down with a Jesus story. Now this book isn’t some crazy theological challenging piece of literature, it’s a children’s book. It’s complete with pictures on every page and short chapters. It walks through the Old to New Testament, sharing that every story points back to Christ. Every single one.

Recently I was reading through the Resurrection story entitled, “God’s Wonderful Surprise” & my heart was drawn to a couple of lines, which are spoken to Mary by Jesus after the stone is rolled away & he reveals himself to her.

“You’ll be able to hold on to me later, Mary,” Jesus said gently, “and always be close to me. But now, go and tell the others that I’m alive!”

What I love is the picture that these words paint. When I realized that I needed Jesus in my life all I wanted to do was to hold on to him forever & never let go. But, Jesus promised that I could later after I went to tell “the others” that he is alive! Oh how simple & sweet his asking is, unlike the lighting & thunder that we expect when called to share with “the others.”

Just as Mary, I wanted to hold onto to Jesus forever, but just like Mary I must go tell “the others’ that he is alive!


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