A “Regular”

I created a bucket list this past summer.

I wasn’t planning on passing away with summer’s end but I did desire to check off a few boxes. Better yet, experience a few adventures. This list might have contained only taking left hand turns to work, eating at every BBQ pit in town or surprise someone with a birthday party not on their birthday, the details are fuzzy but one objective recently surfaced.

Become a “regular.”

It was my intention to search the area for the right establishment, create a schedule for visitation & adhere to it, develop a budget & spend from it; all in full expectation to earn the beloved title of “regular.’

But to be honest this flawless plan fell to the wayside, accredited to the lazy heat of the endless summer.

The idea for becoming a “regular” lay dormant until this spring when a coffee barista spoke of it to me. It was after this conversation, that I realized that he had quietly “awarded” me as a “regular.” I quickly connected all the dots that led me to this moment:

  • Sought after a coffee shoppe, soon after moving home to Chattanooga
  • Found The Camp House Espresso Bar through a friend’s recommendation
  • Frequented a few times, introducing myself
  • Became a weekly patron
  • Enjoyed coffee at The Camp House
Unintentionally, I accomplished a summer bucket list objective (a couple months late, but none the less I accomplished it.) There is far less pomp and circumstance then I expected but I have come to realize that the good things in life are “awarded’ in that way.

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