The Whale Burger Duel

So here is how this all started. While being down in Daytona Beach for Campus Crusade for Christ Training, I frequented a local sea food place called Crabby Joe’s. As usual they offered the grilled shrimp and local fish but what caught my attention was the “Whale Sized Surf and Turf Burger.” It’s description told of, “if consumed in whole, you would win a FREE T-shirt.”

My affinity to T-shirts has been cultivated through the years by traveling to find souvenirs with an intended purpose.

“A FREE T-shirt when you devour a burger! This has to be the best way to get my Daytona souvenir shirt!” I thought to myself. Yet I didn’t order the Whale Burger on my first visit, I didn’t have anyway to document it. So I vowed to return to earn my T-shirt.

Several weeks later the opportunity arose for of the gentleman to go out to eat. I knew the perfect place, Crabby Joe’s. A gaggle of eight men joined me at Crabby Joe’s. Out of the eight, only two took on the challenge with me to dominate the “”Whale Sized Surf and Turf Burger.” The following vlog episode is the next chapter of the story. (After you view this video come back to hear the rest of the tale.)

So we showed this at our next training session in front of all of the attendees of this conference. It was hit, everyone congratulated Taylor and where concerned if he was alright from consuming so much.

Little to my knowledge another scheme had been hatched by a family to one-up our fun at Crabby Joe’s. (After you view this video come back to the post for the final chapter.)

This victorious tale was shown the following day at our conference, the place was rolling! Everyone agreed that Montana Mae was the champ of the Whale Burger and especially those onions!

Unfortunately, I didn’t earn my souvenir T-shirt but these two videos are more then enough memories.

Oh the great fun with Christ centered Laborers and thier appetites.


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