Loose Ends

As my college career comes to an end I am trying to figure out how I should act, feel, and think about the past 4 1/2 years. As I ponder I realize that I still have loose ends that need to be tied up with the University, people I have met, places I have made my “home,” and events that have created so many memories. Here is me tying those ends up:

Dear University of Tennessee, Knoxville,

Thank you for kicking my butt. The academics were fun (Social Dance, History of Rock,) challenging yet rewarding (BA353, Marketing460,) and just plain challenging (Accounting, Intl Economics.) I am excited to commemorate all my hard work with a framed piece of paper with the University seal stamped on it.


Dear Big Orange Screw,

I regret that we had ever met but I am glad to pass along the wisdom and lessons that I have learned by meeting you. I admit that I did not celebrate your finally visual embodiment on the Pedestrian Walkway. May you always continue to frustrate and confuse the students of UT.


Dear Campus Parking,

[Shake of Head] May you always be . . . you.


Dear Moe’s on the Strip,

Out of all the time I have spent on campus, I will miss your time the most. Thursday nights (an hour before close) will always belong to you. “Welcome To Moe’s” is a phrase of gold. An Overachiever and a drink is the best deal known to man. Your phone number reward program is the best in its class. I salute you Moe’s (Brad and the boys.)


Dear Mystery Hot Girl,

I am sorry that I have never spoken to you. I am also glad that I have never spoken to you. May you continue to be mysterious.


Dear “I should have said ‘Hi’ to you” Guy,

We met sometime back when and think we know each others name, but when I see you on campus I only give that confused stare. “Hi, partner.” I hope you won’t be a stranger for the rest of your life. I’ll try to do the same.


Dear The Studio,

You, have been the love of my college career. It is in your arms (computers and cameras) that I have found a passion for film making. I have logged way too many hours with you, it is only proper for us to get married or to never see each other again. Out of all the perks of being a student (somewhat free sport tickets, discounted movie tickets, perfect ice scrapper, etc) I am most saddened by the final end of utilization of The Studio. You will always have a place in my heart.


Dear Golden Roast,

You have made me cherish spare change. 7 quarters gets me a cup of your local brew and I love that. I have loved retreating to you each week escaping the Big Orange. The Roast is the only place where I actively studied and socialized. Your chili rocks, please continue to be that quaint local coffee shop.


Dear Mabels,

Your mouth-watering meals are the ones of dreams and fantasies. And thanks to you dreams do come true.


Dear Knoxville,

Thank you for being a city of exploration and adventure. I have enjoyed your downtown, your festivals, your outdoors, and your packed I-40.


Dear Friends,

Through all my years at UT I have been blessed with great friends to join me on the journey of life. Thanks for all the conversations, parties, studying, and fellowship. I have cherished each of you. I always enjoy the shift of friends that each semester brought and am looking forward to the shift of friends due to my next stage in life. I will never forget you all, please continue to live for adventure and the glory of Christ.


Dear Crusade,

Thank you for laying a foundation for a man of Christ to be built upon. I have enjoyed every meeting, outreach, and party. I will take what I have been taught and continue to be a Christ centered laborer. Please continue to remain true to God and his mission for you, reaching the 35,000 at the University of Tennessee.


Dear Fellowship,

Thank you for being a sound church, centered upon the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Your determination to come alongside the next generation to disciple them into a Christ-absent culture is bold. I have seen and felt the presence of Christ within your fellowship, community groups, services, giving, and your continued commitment to him. Thank you for allowing me to take root.


Dear College,

Thanks for everything. A quote I have tried to follow while in college  is this: “To be plainly instructed and consider well that the main end of my life and studies is to know God and Jesus Christ.” I can confidently say that you have held me to that quote. Thank you!



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