Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block. Boy does it suck.  It is not a feeling or an emotion it is beyond them. Writer’s Bock, is like a sneeze that just won’t sneeze. You know that “feeling” that prevents you from doing anything, anything productive, or even anything lazy. Writer’s Block can even evolve into the lack of confidence and clumsiness of the paragraph I just typed out. During Writer’s Block, the backspace key is the most touched key. Darn that top right rectangle, reach for it pinky, GO! Writer’s Block is always accompanied by a distraction. Let that be the girl you have been crushing on is sitting a knights space away or the infamous “cougher” is sitting in ear shot. Writer’s Bock comes and goes like a ghost. (The only reason I said that is because its Halloween. I had to incorporate it some how.) Writer’s Bock grows like a bacteria, exponentially, first blocking that beautiful thesis statement then off to the supporting paragraph then jamming the whole project. Writer’s Block really shouldn’t be possessive, no one wants it so why do we have to claim it. If it was an individual it would resemble “that guy.”  You know, “that guy” who always seems to now where you are and what you are doing, “that guy” who always wants to bug you with a nothing of a conversation and possibly some questions. Writer’s Block has to be a million years old, yet so youthful. Hanging out with Father Time yet can sing the latest Bieber hit. Writer’s Block can’t lose, it always wins, until it leaves. To eradicate it is to use that backspace key for real life. Good luck finding that one, it is not in the top right of life and hardly accessible by the pinky.


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