Three close friends of mine and I spontaneously decided to do Disney World in less than 24 hours. This is what I learned from the trip:

Disney World’s theme for this year is, at first glance, another clever marketing slogan to suck people into the Disney dream. “Everyday Is Worth Celebrating,” is the umbrella theme that encapsulates everything that Disney wants you to celebrate at their parks: Birthdays, Anniversaries, Reunions, or any reason that draws you to Orlando. The parks are littered with this theme on banners, buttons, songs, and even park wide parades! Every Disney character out on the street dancing and song along to, “Everyday Is Worth Celebrating,” rain or shine. It got to the point where I was disgusted of the ruthlessness of Disney in brainwashing everyone to celebrate every single day.

Then I pondered over “Everyday Is Worth Celebrating,” asking myself why do I not agree with this statement, when is a day worth celebrating, and what happens everyday?

As I answered these questions I began to see that Disney is right, everyday is worth celebrating with the name of Jesus Christ.

Each day is a celebration of life, of forgiveness, and of love. This celebration comes because each of us are separated from God because of our sin. Even though we actively rebel against God he provided a way for us to celebrate. He gave his one and only son to the world, to die upon a cross for us to celebrate with God for eternity. Since I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior, I CELEBRATE.

Because of Christ, “Everyday Is Worth Celebrating!”

For some reason Disney has it right.

I pray that the message of Disney’s theme parks will remind believers of Jesus Christ that each day is worth celebrating and reveal to non-believers that there is a celebration calling their name. A celebration of Jesus Christ.


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