A Year Later

It’s that time of year where I disappear to a far away land full of majestic rolling hills and endless roads of golden bricks. My family and I have always made this excursion, a tradition you would say, a pilgrimage back to Iowa. There are several reasons we make our way up north: family, memories of my parent’s childhood, corn on the cob, but most importantly, bicycles.

Do you mean motorcycles or like pedal bikes? I mean pedal bikes, the ones that you got for your birthday many years ago, the ones that gave you the freedom to go anywhere and everywhere you wanted, the ones that you claim that you have forgotten how to ride.

I am living proof that one never forgets how to ride a bike and there is still a sense of freedom when you get on two wheels. Bicycles in Iowa point to an event etched in history, the oldest and largest organized bike ride in America, RAGBRAI.

It is a bike ride spanning across the entire state of Iowa. RAGBRAI is an acronym that stands for Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa. (Register is the local Des Moines newspaper that started the ride 38 years ago, more on the history of this great event later.) Not only is it a well established event it has been apart of the Teasdale Family for decades.

It was this time last year that I revived my personal blog from near extinction by blogging each day along the ride, recounting the events and share the experience of biking across Iowa.

Here I am now, a year later, on my way back to the Rug-a-boo to once again ride and blog about this great bike ride across Iowa.

Stay tuned daily, I’ll share the days accounts as well as some history of the event and then conclude each post by answering this one question: “Why RAGBRAI?”

See you tomorrow.

P.S. Due to blogging on the road these posts will be some what like rough drafts, so check back periodically for updated photos, links, and properly spelled words.


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